Three Things That Can Void Your Buick Warranty

March 21st, 2023 by

Buick warranty service

A Buick warranty covers a lot, but there are some ways that this agreement can be voided. If you buy a new Buick SUV here at Woodhouse Buick GMC, you should know what activities to avoid to keep your coverage. Here are three things you shouldn’t do to keep your warranty in good standing. 

Misuse Your Vehicle

Your car warranty was designed with the everyday use of your vehicle in mind. If you suddenly decide to use your vehicle in other ways that the manufacturer did not intend, you could void your warranty.

For example, according to your warranty, racing your Buick vehicle is not one of its everyday uses. So if you damage your car as you try to emulate one of your favorite long-running movie series, your warranty will not help you.

Neglect Maintenance

When you have warranty coverage, it’s assumed that you will take good care of your vehicle. You’re damaging your car through neglect if you skip routine maintenance and put off crucial services like oil changes.

A Buick warranty isn’t going to help you if your neglect causes damage to your vehicle. Instead, your warranty will likely be voided, leaving you alone to pay your Buick service center bills.

Install Aftermarket Modifications

Sometimes, an aftermarket modification can cause your warranty to be voided. Some aftermarket parts are fine, but others might not be, so go over your Buick warranty carefully or ask your dealer.

Buy a New Buick Car with Warranty Coverage

For a premium SUV and an excellent ownership experience, visit our Buick dealership in Omaha. We’ll help you find a new car and answer any questions you have about Buick warranties.

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