GMC Hummer EV: You Won’t Believe It Until You See It

GMC Hummer EV: You Won’t Believe It Until You See It


For a long time, EVs had a reputation for being under-powered and dull. The new GMC Hummer EV SUV and pickup pu all of that to rest, combining the intimidating mass of the original with cutting-edge tech, practical features, and a hefty dose of raw power.

GMC Hummer Models

The GMC Hummer is not one, but two, new GMC models. One is a ruggedly-handsome SUV, the other a tough pickup. Their looks may be similar, but they have some interesting differences, too.


The GMC Hummer EV SUV has a 126.7-inch wheelbase for stability on rough terrain or steep inclines. A unique Power Swing gate provides easy access to the 81.8 cubic feet of maximum space.

  • Up to 830 horsepower (varies by trim)
  • Available 3.5-second 0-60 mile per hour time with WTF (Way to Freedom) mode
  • GM-estimated 300-mile range 

GMC Hummer EV Pickup

The GMC Hummer EV pickup looks much like the SUV, but with a longer 135.6-inch wheelbase, and more of a rear overhang, in order to accommodate the five-foot bed. The power liftgate is replaced by a MultiPro™ tailgate, too.

  • Up to 1,000 horsepower (varies by trim)
  • Available 3.0-second 0-60 mile per hour time (requires WTF mode)
  • GM-estimated 350-mile range

Shared Features

Your GMC dealer serving Omaha will show you a number of standard and optional (*) features shared between both body styles. 

  • CrabWalk™ diagonal four-wheel low-speed steering
  • Extract Mode, which raises ground clearance up to an additional six inches for fording water or traversing rough terrain
  • Suspension that lowers up to two inches in WTF (Way to Freedom) mode*
    • One-pedal driving and Regen on Demand™ regenerative braking
    • 800-volt DC fast charging*
    • 35-inch Goodyear® Wrangler Territory tires
    • Tinted panoramic Transparent Sky Panels*