GMC Body Parts Guide

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When something goes wrong with your car, you need reliable service and genuine GMC parts to get things back in order. Our experienced service team at Woodhouse Buick GMC has the knowledge and tools to take great care of your vehicle. Today, we will help you learn more about the body parts of your GMC vehicle so you can better understand what goes into your car and its service.

Engine and Transmission System

First up, your vehicle’s engine is used to burn fuel, which produces the power your car needs to move. Car engines come in different variations, and each is made up of smaller components that work together to get your car moving. 

The transmission system takes the energy output from the engine and moves it to the wheels, propelling your vehicle forward or backward. The clutch assembly, gearbox, and propeller shaft make up the transmission system. 

If you notice trouble starting your car or unusual sounds when you turn the key in the ignition, there may be something wrong with your engine or transmission system. 

Chassis and Auto Body

The chassis is the main frame of a car used to mount all other car components including the auto body itself. It bears the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo.

The auto body shape varies depending on the vehicle model but all of them enclose passengers and add a layer of protection.


Brakes are a small part, but they are highly important for safety. Brakes are used to stop the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible and, nowadays, disc brakes are the most common. 

Be sure to get brake service quickly if you notice issues braking, as you may need new brake pads. 

Auto Body Repairs and Parts Replacement

Whenever you have issues with any of the auto body parts listed above or other smaller components, we encourage you to bring in professionals to ensure safe and manufacturer-approved service.

If you already know what part your car needs, you can order GMC parts online and then make an appointment with our GMC service team for installation.