GM Sunsetting OnStar® in Older Models

April 15th, 2023 by

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All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that also applies to OnStar® services in some older GMC vehicles. You might be affected if you haven’t upgraded your car at Woodhouse Buick GMC. Here’s what drivers need to know and what they can do to keep their OnStar service. 

Why OnStar Services Are Going Away in Some Models

The services are going away due to the cellular network used by some older models. If you’ve upgraded your smartphone in recent years, you’ve probably seen the network change from 3G to 4G to 5G. These models are using OnStar services on a 2G network.

Due to the age of the network, it’s finally being shuttered by the cell phone companies that built it. No more 2G service means no more OnStar for some vehicles.

Which Models Are Affected?

The vehicles affected by this are from the model year 2014 and older. Some 2015 models are affected as well. This affects all General Motors brands, including GMC and some discontinued brands like Pontiac and earlier-generation Hummer models.

Alternatives to Your Current OnStar Services

You don’t have to miss out on OnStar services just because your vehicle is losing OnStar compatibility. Drivers can still contact OnStar Advisers at any time by phone. Just dial 1.888.4ONSTAR.

However, your best option is the OnStar Guardian app. All you need is a compatible smartphone, and you’ll still be able to access many of the OnStar services you used to access through your vehicle. Services like Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Roadside Assistance, and Mobile Crash Response are available.

Update Your Car and Vehicle Tech

If you’re looking for a new GMC vehicle with plenty of connectivity and technology features, visit our GMC dealers in Omaha. We’ll make it easy to find a high-tech car, truck, or SUV you’ll love.

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