5 Things Your Buick Warranty Won’t Cover

April 20th, 2023 by

Damaged front of a car, which is not covered by a Buick warranty

Your Buick warranty offers considerable protection, but not every vehicle-related expense will be covered. There are some things that you’ll have to pay for yourself once you’ve purchased a new Buick model at Woodhouse Buick GMC.

Routine Maintenance

You’ll need to visit our Buick service center occasionally, but remember that your warranty is not there to cover the costs of routine Buick maintenance. Because this coverage is meant to help with unexpected defects or mechanical problems, it won’t help with an oil change, a tire rotation, or other consumables. Your new car warranty has nothing to do with those transactions.

Damage from Poor Vehicle Care

If you ignore those routine maintenance needs of your vehicle, you could end up damaging important components. Your warranty won’t cover this. It’s your responsibility to take good care of your car, so a warranty won’t bail you out if you are neglectful.

Accident Repairs

A warranty is not meant to cover repairs after an accident. You need to go through insurance coverage or pay for these fixes yourself.

Damage from Misuse

Your warranty covers parts that break and things that need to be repaired due to defects in quality or materials. It also stipulates that these parts had to be damaged through the routine use of your vehicle.

Driving your new Buick SUV on the highway can be considered expected use. Challenging someone to a drag race because you live your life a quarter mile at a time is not. Damaging your Buick vehicle through misuse will ensure that your warranty coverage can’t help you with repairs.

Certain Powertrain Components

There are a few components your powertrain warranty does not cover. Specific sensors, hoses, and other parts are not included, so read your warranty carefully to know what’s covered.

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